What if we did something different? What if we did something better? That is worth rolling my sleeves up for every day.

Nick Segal

Founding Partner, Partners Trust

Having immersed myself in the real estate business for over 27 years and served my clients in well over $800 million dollars in real estate transactions, I am confident that most people, when considering who will provide them with finest real estate services for their benefit, are ideally looking for answers to 3 key questions:

1.How I am able to translate my experience for your benefit?

2. What is my ability to demonstrate my caring for your unique situation?

3. How I am able to deliver results that achieve your objective?

My past is diverse and one that has direct application to the demonstration of caring and the ability to deliver on a promise that produces superior results. Growing up on the East Coast and driven by an intensely competitive nature, I arrived to the work force at 13 on a bike, delivering “Newsday” through the streets of Westhampton Beach.  Graduation from a Quaker Prep School and then Vassar College formed some of my intellectual curiosity prior to venturing forth to Los Angeles in 1984, seduced by the glamour and family lineage of the film industry.

Realizing I wanted more control of my destiny and the ability to engage with people more directly, my transition to real estate occurred while working on a show called “The Famous Teddy Z”. When the show didn’t get picked up, I discovered a natural aptitude for real estate and found it to be a vehicle where I could apply my competitive nature. A sponge for knowledge and willing to work hard, I rose up in the ranks of the profession quickly. I became the #2 owner of a firm that we eventually sold in 2004 to a national brand. Dedicated to raising level of professionalism in real estate, I have served as Chair of both the Grievance and the Professional Standards committees for the Beverly Hills Board of Realtors. I’ve been honored to receive “Realtor of the Year” in 2012 and was the “William May Garland” recipient in 2013, our profession’s highest accolade, for my dedication to service.  

Now, as a Founding Partner and President of Partners Trust, aligned with some of the brightest and most dedicated associates in the field, I continue to realize the road home to a successful real estate transaction takes focused preparation, a deft touch and the ability to understand both a client’s concerns as well as their dreams.

I love that quest and look forward to demonstrating my unique skills in service to you. Thank you.

Your team was OUTSTANDING! I have never seen such a tremendous job. Like a well-oiled machine. Maybe you should consider managing the Mets...”
— Richard, client

Awards & Accolades

  • Past Chair for the Board of Realtors and Claw MLS
  • Board of Directors, LA Family Housing

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